I soon quickly rapidly began my training as a super-bungee-numnum-stuke. I was in the class. SPECIAL-ED'S CLASS, whoever the sanitation that is. My teacher was impressed with my special skills. I say to teacher "HAHA! Nothing can hurt me!"
Teacher say "NOTHING? Not even a werewolf?"
"Not even Tasmanian devil?"
"Not even Godzilla?!"
"HaHA! You have achieved equilibrium, my son. Feel free to fart at any time. And. Remember, the California raisins gots big. Guns."
Then came the catapults. I dodged them with ease.
"Heehee! HaHA! Catapult (HA) too small (HO) 2 inches! HABAHARDEEHA!"
I then sank into quicksand and resumed chewing taco meat on top of Old Smoky.
"ICKY WOOKY WACKA need band aid for sore toe! HA...AHA! Corn. Huh? Seagulls make lipstick from car wax? Huh...HUH?! What rock? No tickly fat dance for sour tooth? HAAAA. Elfish Warrior. Ha. Nicholas get no presents, only (HAHA) dog poo. Put fork in light socket? HAH? Possum?"
I then found myself in a tree house in the jungle canopy.
"OOH! HEE! HAAAHAAA! Telly rhino eat soup? HaHA! HA! Join elite star force? HA! Tie tail in knot? HAR! Make bungee cord with nose hair? HO! And to think me shut front door this morning." There was a stapler and a coin sorter who belonged to Mr. Monkeyfriend. He get real mad when me staplefingertowallandripwoodandgetfingercaughtintoilet! Ha... HA HA! Butt paste. OH! Or so it seems, Monkey. Raff! Then the rhino coughed up a hair ball. I cry cry I cry cry cry till snot come out of mouth and rhino bleedeth to death.
Rhino no call. Me then do special dance and roll meself silly corn dog. HA!!!