Guess What?! I'm Sticky!

That's right, boys and guys, I'M STICKY! A newly discovered talent, I can "be sticky" to almost anything! Yep! I pick up change off the floor with my palm facing down, stick to walls, the tv screen, cats, bananas, trees, my pants...heck! I can even pick up change off the floor with my palm facing down! The origin of this power? Well, it hasn't been proven yet, but I believe it comes from my unusually sweaty hands! If I'm on the computer very long, I lift my hand and the mouse is adhered to it! The "sticky membrane" leaves a trail of black, slimy mucus on anything I touch!!! It's great.

See, one time, this ugly girl liked me, and I really hate her (she being fat & ugly with poor hygen + a year younger). So anyway one day she sneezed all over me and I said, "SO YOU WANNA PLAY STICKY HUH???" Then I to theAfTerLEAptbushBrownies. See the way my stickiness comes in handy? Good.

The first time I dicovered I was sticky, was when I was sleeping over in Spencer's room. We were asleep, and I groped for a blanket. Grabbing his, my hand immediately stuck to it, and I ripped it off his bed. He jumped up and saw the thing glued to my hand. He screamed, "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE STICKY!!!" From then on, I knew things wasus gunnto bee doofrent. La.