Hello, and welcome to the Telepathic Urinary Store!
(Bet you were wondering what TUS stood for.)
All of our products are 100% EVIL! AHAHAHABAHA!
This place has tons of games to download!

Toys and Games
(I regret to inform you, fans, that for a time, all my games will be unavailable. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but one of our web hosts deleted all the games that I made. So, until I get the games put onto my new computer, you'll just have to entertain yourselves with Flurzie.)

Beanie War

Butthead Billy


Drunken Hedgehogs

The Epileptic Seizure Cat Game!!!!

Evil Romeo


Happy Hamburger

Kangaroo Juice

Know Your Nonsense

Monkey Surfin

Olympic Jogger

The Password Game

Prappa the....Percussionist

Prappa the Percussionist 3!

Plumber Attack!

Squirrel Pong!

Strango Labs Gone Wacked!

Traffic Jam


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