While in office, Foofloo made a list of laws to keep the empire from mass hysteria. They were called The Six Laws to Prevent Mass Hysteria, the rules are as follows:

  1. All kings must have their tales chewed off.
  2. All Ferrets-with-really-small-glasses-and-togas must only poop in the corner of the empire.
  3. All Ferrets-with-really-small-glasses-and-togas must wear the complete glasses and toga dress code.
  4. Don't break any laws
  5. Don't break law 4 either
  6. You can break law 5, I don't care.
Any violations of these laws will result in Eep Torture*.

He later narrowed it to just law 3.
*Eep Torture is when various Ferrets-with-really-small-glasses-and-togas make Eep sounds around the criminal.