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Zaynktooksian Time System

Time Measurement

Ever look at a Zaynktooksian calendar in confusion? Well, here's how the Zaynktooksians measure time…

An ylqe is,
3.5 minutes
8 ylqe (28 minutes)
16 valqe (7.46 hours)
8 garleme (2.48 days)
8 relne (2.84 weeks)
Yes, the closest they have to a second is an ylqe, which obviously is more like a minute, but it's like metrics when you use English, they use decimals in telling time more often than you do. For example it's much easier to say that it's 2.43 garleme than it's 2 garleme, 8 valqe, and 3 ylqe.

And Heres some more vocabulary.


Names of relnel

1 dvye
2 Zale
3 lavye
4 LUbreve
5 ZoFIyhnAje
6 yhevare
7 nedaqe
8 cUlamne

Basic Apearance of a Calendar.

The Zaynktooksian Calendar

As you can see, the Zaynktooksian calendar has instead of days of the week (monday, tuesday…) they use Vyrdue relnec (numbers of the relne) which are 1-8 and aply throughout the dUlarge.

Calculating the Time on Zaynktooks

The the Zaynktooksian common era is reset every 100000 dUlarge. The current common era (the fourth one) was set at April 27, A.D. 573 2:53am CST (-6 GMT) . In order to get the time on Zaynktooks (without a sun the time is the same worldwide) , get the year and subtract 573 from it. Then convert it to octal. Still in octal mode, multiply your answer so far by 22.22 (that's the number of dUlarge per year) . This is approximately the current dUlarge, next you count how many days today is from from April 27, convert it to octal, multiply by 3.1555555, move the decimal over 2 places to the left and add or subtract that number (depending on if it is before or after April 27 that year) from the approx. dUlarge. Now you have a more approximate dUlarge, relne, and garleme, but, if you want to go that extra mile, take the current time, take the difference in time from now and 2:53am (account for time zone difference, e.g. if you live in GMT, add/subtract from 8:53am) , take the number of minutes and divide by 60, then add that back on your hours, convert that number (should be hour.decimalofminutes) to octal, multiply by 2.1111111, move point 3 over to left, and add/subtract to original.