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Attributes of the Inhabitants of Zaynktooks The adverage height of a Zaynktooksian adult is 5-6', they are normally very skinny with grey skin and brown fur covering everything but their eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and feet. One's eye coloring depends on its parents' genetics, its age, and its inteligence. If one of the parents' eyes are blue and the other's red then the child will have purple eyes, and 40% of the time, one eye blue and one eye red. How light their eyes are is counted liked like this: If you are young then your eyes are lighter and darker if you are old and if you are smart then your eyes are lighter and if you are not so smart then your eyes are ususaly darker. I hate to admit it, but an adverage Zaynktooksian is a little bit smarter than the adverage human.

You knew that you'd have to deal with it sooner or later and here it is. Zaynktooksian mating procedures, don't worry, it's all tasteful. A baby is born at about 10% of its adult size and usualy reaches it's full size in about 1 Earth year. In that year it obtains the ability to mate. It is done by both putting one hand on the other's head right above the ear and concentrating very, very hard. It takes one full Zaynktooksian day (aprox. 18.24 Earth hours) of full concentration and it usualy done at home, but can be done in public. Note that this procedure is done merely to have a child and not for pleasure. There is only one gender so either parent has the chance of being impregnated and it takes about 30 Zaynktooksian days (22.8 Earth days) for the birth of the baby. The infant comes through the "mother's" mouth.

Without a star the planet maintains a constant tempature of outstandingly freezing. The Zaynktooksians are quite used to it with the fur and all, but the ligtafs originated from the star so they can't even touch water or they'll freeze to death. Clean water on Zaynktooks is rare, the ocean water is disgustingly green and only shoulder high (so you could walk across the world if it wasn't 24% bigger than the Earth) but the Zaynktooksians don't have to drink but they do get thirsty or dry (they absorb water throught their skin) so they have something called the moistening in which every so often (two to three years) they travel to their first moon that is made of pure water and stay there for about a couple months holding their breath the whole time.

Zaynktooksian houses are generally underground to stay warm. They use a large cone (see image below) to mark where it is, usually about the height of one Zaynktooksian, with a small hole to slide in, the metalic substance is useful for finding it easily, hearing people knock, and hearing rain so you can clog it. The hole also has another hole in it (just big enough to fit in) for sleeping (they sleep standing).


Remember that the animals on Zaynktooks are not really animals, because they lack hearts, brains, and have different reproductive organs, they're true kingdom is rUe (roo-eh) . The way that the can live without hearts is simple, their orange blood cells have flagellae, so the blood basically moves itself across the vessels. As a substitute for brains they have thick nerves. Plant on Zaynktooks aren't real plants either, any real plants that once existed there went with the star, because true plants are photosynthetic and the existing plants on Zaynktooks (kingdom cygdube [cheeg-doo-beh]) don't need light to survive. Some rUe other than Ligtafs and Zaynktooksians are:

Brain Fish or cace

Brain fish are sea rUe that have lungs (so they come up for air), 3 eyes, 3 fins, and 3 tenticles. They use them as messangers because they repeat things that they hear every time they come up for air. They are not real fish. Some were sent to their water moon for use on the moistening. They eat fruit.Brain Fish

Star Birds or maglIHe

These aren't real birds either, they live in orbit around the planet and light up the sky like stars. They account for much of the warmth and are as big as cars (and can melt one too) . They live very short lives because they have no food to eat, but the reproduce quickly.Star Bird


These rUe have skin that's camouflaged to the atmosphere and three tentacles with suction cups at the end and a horn at the head. They don't have eyes but they do have mouths and no bones but one round piece of cartilage that forms the body, and the head (namely the end with the horn and mouth) is part of the body. They are mainly tree dwellers and live off of fruit, they are said to be related to lybDuqze. The dominant picture to the right shows one using suction to climb a qarUce, and the lower-right shows it sleeping by hanging to the tree with the horn.Darglyce


These are named after their shriek and are truly something you won't want to be alone with, they are twice as tall as a Zaynktooksian and will swallow one in one bite. They are brown, with two peg-like legs, a large toothless jaw, split in two to fit the horn on top that aids chewing and one eye. These are strictly carnivorous.ydaFIe