Characters and pronunciation


Note that when romanized, the double letters (like UH, FI, ZH) are alwayed capitalized to avoid confusion.
Zanktooks Alphabet


Remember that there is a column for pronouncing it with an overline (a macron over the Zanktooks letter, while romanized the character just becomes capitalized) , when the field is blank, there is no character with an overline for that letter.
LetterPronunciationWith Overline
aA in fatherA in make
cCH in cheese
eE in bed
gG in go
jJ in jolly
lLFrom Aluric 'lh', position tongue for an l, but hiss instead.
mPosition to make an M sound but close off air you're nose,* don't worry, this letter is very rare.
nPosition for an N but close off air to nose*.
oO in boat
qLike English K except as far back in the throught as possible.
rEnglish RSlightly trilled like aluric R
uU in cutOO in food
yY in jolly
UHOO in root with Aluric HH (rasping sound with back of tongue slightly raised
IHZanktooks y with Aluric HH
FIF with Zanktooks y
EHZanktooks e with Aluric HH
SHSH in shoe
YHY as in yard
ZHS in pleasure, Aluric ZH, or French j
* This is because Zaynktooksians don't have noses.


The punctuations are at the beginings and ends of letters

Sentence marks
Indicates the begining and end of a command or statement, the terminal sentence mark is not to be confused with the "IH."
Question marks
Replaces sentence marks when it's a question.
Quotation marks
Replaces sentence marks when the sentence is part of a quote.
Interrogative quotation marks
Replaces question marks when the question is part of a quote.
A pause in speech (for maybe breath or effect); like '?' or the '-' (dash) when a quote is interrupted, not to be confused with the "g."