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The History of Zaynktooks

Chapter One

Historical Acheivements

Space, a fairly large place. Within it is a non-existant planet revolving around no star. Sound eerie? I didn't think so, but nevertheless this planet (which is convenienly difficult to pronounce the name of) has some pretty odd stories to tell. These stories are all part of the history of Zaynktooks.

The people of Zaynktooks live as one big colony (like bees, except you won't get stung) of whom you may become part of. The Language has had the most impact on the Zaynktooksians' lives. It has given them a great way to express themselves, as well as having a great system of mathematics and faster thinking, and "the total population is like one big whole with a thousand personalities" as they say.

It is said that long ago during the dawn of Zayntooksians, Zaynktooks had a star with irksome inhabitants called Ligtafs. They are green, disgusting, slimy, power-hungry, mindless, underevolved creatures. They lived there for awhile but overpolluted it and eventualy it just blew up. It is said to have made Zaynktooks a non-existant planet and created an everlasting image of the sky over the planet. It is quite a beautiful to the Zaynktooksian eye which can see way more colors than ours but to earthings, it's merely a dull monochrome. The Ligtafs made way to Zaynktooks and still live there today and continue to bug the hell out of the Zaynktooksians.

The Zaynktooksians exiled the Ligtafs to Ligtafia (giving it its name, duh) after a few Earth years. Eventually, the Ligtafs forgot all about the Zaynktookians and figured that they were still on the star (which was never given a name). They continued speaking their own language and living in their own way, not making any evolutionary, governmental, or technological progession. One day a ship arrived and a Zaynktooksian came out and told them in Early Zanktooks that he was there to take whomever wanted to go back to ZN (Zaynktooksian Nation). Unfortunately no one there knew Early Zanktooks but some people were fascinated and went on the ship, some were stupid and went on the ship, while some were too stupid, too lazy, or confused to go. To this day the Ligtafs think that they are still on the star.

After centuries of exploration, the Zaynktooksians stumbled across an island of a Zaynktooksian breed that they later called the Xartoofs (zarDUFIe in Zanktooks). The Xartoofs posses the ability in which they can broadcast their thoughts. The only differences between them and the Zaynktooksians (besides the telepathy) are that their grey skin pigment is darker, they have purple, blue, or red fur and that they are twice as smart.

Trillions of earth years later, a Zaynktooksian named bryDUFIte YHaljUte invented a space craft known as the Laser Transmition Rocket which can go up to the speed of light. It alowed them to come into contact with the many other races and began to learn their languages (including Rikchik and Aluric) after a while Early Zanktooks was replaced with modern day Zanktooks that branches somewhat from the two languages but mostly from Early Zanktooks.