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The Culture of the Ligtafs

Most Ligtafs live in Ligtafia but a lot live in Zaynktooksian Nation and Xartoof Tribes. This is a graph of the land around Ligtafia:

North-South Graph of Ligtafia

As you can see the land goes below the water level, the reason it doesn't just fill up is the Ligtafs built tunnels that lead water back into the ocean. You'll also notice that it is in the shape of a bowl making it very difficult to get out (which was the idea when they were exiled there) , the tunnels are also quite useful for leaving. At the end of most tunnels are a dock for ships. Although it is possible to walk all the way around Zaynktooks back to were you started (because the water is only about chest high) but it is extremely cold without a sun and especialy in the water especialy if your a Ligtaf. A good point of the bowl shape is that it is very warm. As you (hopefully) already know Ligtafs originaly came from the star and since there's no star anymore it is very cold for the ligtafs so this warm, cozy bowl shape is what the Ligtafs need.
Another part of Ligtafic daily life are the floating huts, almost every house and building in Ligtafia is one of these, unless it's too large or the building's purpose is only served when connected the ground. The traditional structure is, at the base, five or six hollowed logs of the qarUce tree, with several branches drilled into it to support the walls. The interior of the walls are primarily ydafie leather, and the exterior is straw, it's usually sealed in the back with an opening for the front. From here on are pictures further describing the Ligtafic ways.

Ligtaf SwordLigtafic Floating Hut in a Flood
Ligtafia on Globe
Ligtafic Flag