Other Grammatical Notes
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The adjectives have the gramatical ending of 'u' they don't have to agree with the noun, just follow it. For example good food would be food good but would still translate back into English as good food. The comparatives have a suffix of 'UZ' and the superlatives have a suffix of 'uZ' negative comparative is UZer and negative superlative is uZer. Passive ends with 'DU'.
More of something. Good becomes better
The most of something. Good or better becomes best
Negative comparative and superlative
Less or least of something Less good/least good
Used when a verb was brought upon someone (-ed). It was destroyed


Adverbs have a suffix of 'EH'.

Prepositions and Conjunctions

There is no grammatical suffix for prepositions or conjunctions and they are used the same way that they are in English. And instead of a comma, they use 'and' or 'or'.


There's another part of speech in Zanktooks simply labeled expressions. They are used to (guess what) express your self. The grammatical suffix is an 'o' and in usualy translated as "I am" for example:

dylarDaFIo = I am happy
DyravyqAo = I am humored (or that's funnie)
galUDano = I am sad

and things simply like, hello, goodbye, and welcome or interjections like ow, and horray.

roDanvo = hello
jovalo = bye

In sentence stucture the expression usualy takes place of the verb.

Sentence Structure

In a sentence a verb would always go first unless there's an adverb(v) before it. An adverb describing an adverb would go before the adverb it is describing. An infinitive verb would come after the normal verb. After the verb come the nouns in this order, dative-accuasitive-nominative. The ablative comes after that, then comes the adjectives (including genitive), the adverbs(adj) come afterwards and the adverbs describing the adverbs come afterwards. Here's a brief outline of what I just said. Note that A3 stands for ablative-adjective-adv(adj).

adv(v)-verb-infinitive verb-dative-A3-accusitive-A3-nominative-A3.

Not all the words on this list have to be used, it can be as simple as a verb.