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Questions and Related Grammar

Every question begins with a word indicating that the sentence will be a question, the rest of the sentence structure remains the same as if it were a simple statement. Usualy to indicate the presence of a question (as in most earth languages) you also raise your voice as you near the end of the sentence. Here's a list of the question words.
gy Basicaly it marks the beggining of any yes/no question or a question with a choice in it (with the word 'or' in it) . Equal to Aluric 've', Esperanto 'cxu', and French 'est-ce que'.
ryn Which
ryn venbe What
ryn luqave What kind
ryn yce Were
ryn Ulue Who
ryn Ulueqec Whom
ryn Uluec Who's
ryn cyge How much
ryn qure When
ryn Vygoe Why
ryn YHyqe How

Related Grammar

In any case you can replace ryn (which) with byn (that) , Vyn (some) , dyn (every, all) , Byn (each) , gyn (any) , or yn (no) .