Verb Grammar
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Verb Grammar

The verb do is used as an example.

Tenses (Suffixes)

The infinitive ends with an 'a'
to do
Imperative is an 'A'do (command)
Past imperfect is an 'aD'was doing
Past perfect is an 'ad'did or had done
Present is an 'ac'do, does, is doing
Present perfect is an 'aZ'has done, have done
Future is an 'ab'will do
Future perfect is an 'aB'will have done
Conditional is an 'y'would/should do
Conditional perfect is a 'yD'would/should have done*

*Conditional is also used when following verbs like:
volUqac, can/could; rUqalnac, should; FIgyDtac, may; gUDac, must. Example:rUqalac Buryly, should do or gUDac vUDlyt, must have eaten

Persons (Prefixes)

First person singular begins with an 'a'I/we do
Second person singular is an 'e'you/you all do
Third person singular is a 'U'he/she/it/they does
Indefinate is 'Uluone does