Spence's Sea Monkey/Triops Stuff

A Bunch of Sea Monkey and Triops Crap

Here you're gonna see a bunch of my information on Triops and Sea Monkeys whether you like it or not!

Sea Monkey and Triops Log

May 28 1999-Bought Sea Monkey Ghostly Galleon tank from Toys 'R' Us and some distilled water put in Water Purifier at 7p.

May 29 99-Put in eggs about 10a (way too soon) sent away for Red Magic, Gro Kwikly, and Cupids Arrow. Spotted one Sea Monkey late at nite.

May 30 99-I am seeing a lot of Sea Monkeys.

June 1 99-They're HUGE! (about a millimeter) , sent away for Triops Kit from The Lone Zone.

June 2 99-I fed the Sea Monkeys today and boy, did they LOVE it! They keep going to the top and (I suppose) eating upside down. I guess they didn't put enough food in with the eggs!

Stopped giving a crap about writing this down and they all DIED after a while.

September 9 2000-Purchased a new packet of Triops eggs, instructions, and food. Put filtered water in (rather than distilled as recommended) alotted a day for chlorine to go away.

September 10 00-Added eggs at 4:05p

September 11 00-Counted approx. six moving dots, it's difficult to tell because they're about ˝mm. long and moving around restlessly. One moves around, stops, then moves and rests again, it may be sick because of the chlorine, and perhaps the glue holding the walls together. September 12 00-There might just be seven, the one I thought was sick may be a Daphnia, it looks a little misshapen. I hope to preserve it, because this is the first one I've seen, last time I owned Triops, it had a brine shrimp in it and they were kept well fed and never bothered it, hopefully that will happen again. I fed them for the first time by crushing two pellets. I also put some more water in "to submerge eggs clinging to the sides," like the book said. About half an hour afterwards I noticed some beebees swimming around. Also, unrelated to the babies, I believe that one of the largest ones may be a brine shrimp, but it's too soon to tell for sure.

September 13 00-I seem to have been ripped off, but in a very peculiar manner. I seem to have about four brine shrimp, a Daphnia, and only two Triops! But that still ain't bad. I'm not sure what to do about the brine shrimp, and certainly not the Daphnia. Perhaps I'll just use the regular Sea Monkey feeding procedure on top of the Triops food (I still have the Sea Monkey food and manual) .

Sea Monkey Observations