Confused? You should be, this site doesn't make a whole lot of sense. On top of our own filth, we try to keep up with a huge site. It's easy to get lost, with all the stuff we've created for visitors like yourself.
Lost? Maybe you need to have a look at the site's LAYOUT?
What is the menu bar?
The menu bar is the horizontal bar (or frame) at the top of our site window where you clicked "help" to get here. The site adresses are both of our current locations. Both are the same site, just different locations ( is our original site, it will never change). Contact provides an easy way for you to contact us about anything you like-- through the use of email! PLEASE e-mail us any suggestions or comments you have, or leave a message in the LASER HALL. Clicking the "X" on the menu bar will close the menu bar.
What is the sidedish?
It's the vertical bar (or frame) to the left of your browser window that you are looking into right now to read this help file. The sidedish is helpful for quick navigation around the site.
What is PEC?
Projects, Experiments, and just plain Crap this page links to most of our downloads, cartoons, and other stuff. This quick page also includes things that we collaborated that aren't in any individual's page (I.E.: Epileptic Seizure Cat). If you don't want to look at the FUN AND INTERESTING STUFF on our pages, go to PEC to view *ALMOST* everything that's on our pages.
Who are Jordan, Spencer and Luke?
Oh, those idiots? That's us, the strango brothers, creators of Strango Labs. We all have unique things on our personal "rooms" (click the names to go to our rooms) including games, comics, sounds, cartoons, etc. You can't see everything on the site in PEC, ya know, so you have to surf around a bit. DON'T BE AFRAID!