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Quote of the Week

"Ding, dong; the witch is dead....... oh wait-- she's alive! Oh, no she's dead. Wait....... SHE'S BREATHING. She stopped. She sure is talented. Wait a minute....... yep she's dead. NO! SHE'S ALIVE! SHE WON'T DIE! Dang...... SHE DIED."

Pic of the Week

Zanktooks Word of the Week

cAqaD byn yceqec zAnqDUqZec aqle
"The traveler came here from Zaynktooks."

Strango News


Well blow me down, Spence's just started Year II of his four part Mania behind the Madness book. This section has pictures thanks to modern Springboard technology.

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Jordan's T U Store has been updated to include pages and pics and downloads for all of his games. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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