Projects, Experiments, AND JUST PLAIN CRAP!
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Have you ever wanted to bring a piece of Strango Labs with you? Well instead of wasting all that paper and ink just dish out hundreds of bucks for a pocket computer (preferably a color one) ! Now you can keep up with Poopnuts, Luke's Comics, Quotes/Pics/Zanktooks Word of the Week, and Strango News. All this just by syncronizing your PDA to AvantGo.
With Epileptic Seizure Cat, it's fun again to watch your cat throw fits and pounce in convulsions!
Flurzie, currently a billion of these in stock but don't wait another second, or these lovable alcoholics will be all gone.
With our new Hobo-Resistent Technology we were able to create a dictionary that maces any hobos that attempt to read it. Warning: Keep out of reach from Flurzies.


With this incredibly awesome desktop theme, you'll never grow weary of your computer! Not to mention it'll bug the hell out of your co-workers. Includes a background, sounds, cursors, and more! (Needs Windows 98 or 95 with Plus!)
Smurf:The Game, a truly classic Strango brothers' were you play as smurf collecting some money so you can buy weapons to kill humans.
Norman the Narwhal, a Strango brothers' classic game where you save Norman from eskimo whalers from the moon.
Help cure Pyrophobic Pierre of his pyrophobia.
The best game show on the internet. We have lost our silly little minds. Seriously. No download required.
Our little parody of Myst, you'll be amazed at the graphics and you may even find a very tiny bit of strategy in it. No download required. You may need to resize the sidedish.
Click for Jordan's games.


Spoken mainly by the Zaynktooksians of Zaynktooks. Learn about the screwed up history, culture, and language.
One day in the labs, we decided to experiment on how Ferrets would react to really small glasses and togas. This was the mind boggling result.
Jordan's language of dumbnity.


Strango Labs's FIRST FLASH MOVIE EVER! This hilarious video took hours of thought, created by Jordan, and story with the combined efforts of Spencer, Jordan, and S.D.R.. WATCH IT!!!
Strango's newest booger flingin' action series
Luke's variety of comics.
Our Poopnuts comics, starring Chunky Brown and his zany friends.


Luke's sounds, they're mighty stupid.
Jordan and Spencer's version of the "Cheers" theme song. Wow. It has to be heard. It's just amazing.


Jordan's "sequel" to "The Strango Bro's Holistic Adventure Journal" and Spencer's "Mania Behind the Madness", this page features our newest discovery about Luke's involvement in terrorist conspiracies! Not reccomended for people with a weak stomach and no sense of humor.
See what Spence and Jordan thought after playing this new game. Oh Lordy, Lordy.
Jordan's interviewing and analysis of people and their feelings toward clowns. Hypotheical questions are the key to unlock any persons emotions. Lots of laughs!
Just like the Journal below, but in a different format, with some different information, as told by Spence.
Quite possibly the stupidest nonsense written to date. This is a journal of all the stupid crap we do at school to bug Luke and entertain ourselves, as told by Jordan. If you read anything it's gotta be THIS.
It's an absolutely true story about Spence's trip to Monkim Land, the most evil place on Earth.
Mr. Frog, the most well mannered frog, goes on a vacation to Hoganus Woods. It goes without saying that this story is completely true.
In this story, Hoppo, the quick to assume the unlikely, gets brainwashed and discovers matter before having a government communications sattelite fall upon his head prior to getting abducted by aliens. Did I give the whole story away? Oh well.
The true story behind one of the stupidest conspiracies of all time, The Magic Pink Anarchy Baby Incident.
Not stupid enough? Ever seen that episode of Bugs Bunny with Elian Gonzalas in it? No? This story should help fog things up for you.