The frightening aftermath of Spence's disturbed mind

Well, hey kiddies, I just finished making a new story, it's entitled, The Mania behind the Madness. I say I finished it, though it'll never be finished per say, kinda like that movie, The Never Ending Story, that movie was freaky, it had this giant dog, who talks and flies with his ears, and he's also a dragon, and also a giant rock creature who ate rocks, like a canable, and a lot of things were bigger than the main character exept the dwarfs, and the crazy old bookstore manager, he was about the same size, so was the princess, but she was bald. But that's not like my story, exept for the dwarfs. Mine's about me and vampires and a locker that can contact aliens and secret agents from New Zealand.
Git outta here or I'll shoot your… oh, sorry about that, Luke says that I have have Multiple Personality Syndrome. I like to eat chicken heads. Wait, that sounds familiar. Can I chew on your toenails, no, that definately sounds familiar. I like it when things come out of my nose, wanna see? Darn. Wait a second, has Jordan been eating my clothes again? Hey wait a second, who are you, where am I? Oh yeah, this is my room. Get outta here! Shut up. Your fired, now get back to work! Hey, where's my pen? Oh there it is. I ran out of ink, so I wrote all of his with my boogers.

Me am Spencer Strango. One day, these nice men came into my asylum cell and said the following to me. "Hey, idiot face! We're gonna hook you up to this machine that monitors your brain activity, 'cause we don't think that your brain is actually works. If you try to throw boogers on us again, then we'll get our mommies, who are from the World Sumo Wrestling Federation, and they'll squish your little head like an alien in a neural compaction unit," or they said something like that.

I then had no choice but to point out that aliens are bad and then they stuck these wires on my face. They're kind of unconfortable, if you could just take 'em off or something… No? OK. Anyway, the compooter tried to comprehend my massive insanity, but I was able to override it and make a crappy web page. The guards and doctors and neurologists and psyciatrists and orthadonists and pediatrists and masseurs and Dr. Laura and Dr. Seuss and Dr. Pepper all read my web page and were so frightened by its massive stupidity that their brains escaped through thier noses and flushed themselves down the toilet. This is were I keep all of my crappy comics, stories, games, sounds, and short and stupid movies, any cool ones would be too much trouble. I have to give Jordan some gum now so he'll shut up, and don't touch anything!

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