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12-28-03 Strango Labs 2 Up and Running There's nothing like a winter break and joblessness to instill boredom in a creative mind. Check out the new site, cleverly titled "Strango Labs 2". We have posted a plethora of new comic serieseses, and we have also added several of our games for download (THEY'RE BACK, KIDS!!! FINALLY MORE STUFF TO ROT YOUR MIND AND MAKE YOU CRIMINALLY INSANE!). Visit Strango Labs 2 by clicking the menu bar (the big horizontal bar at the top of our site that never goes away). We have been updating the new site several times a week and sometimes even daily, so expect updates!

12-22-03 A web hosting solution? AN UPDATE?! Yes, we believe we are finally settled with a new webhost, PROHOSTING! HOORAY! THEY AREN'T ASSHOLES! You can check out the Strango Labs Extension site here, which has a new comic series by Spence and soon will have links to the games Jordan recovered from his old computer. We will do some more on that site in the near future and make it look all spiffy like this one. Jordan has also updated the LINKS page. Go check that out, we're too busy with college affairs to work on this website!

4-23-03 AN UPDATE, FINALLY!!! Using the last few kilobites of Strango Labs's space on Tripod, Jordan has constructed the sequel to the critically acclaimed "Mania Behind the Madness" and "Strango Brothers Holistic Adventure Journal". The new page, OSAMA BAD LUKEN, features our latest discovery about Luke... READ IT!

4-23-03 SAVED?! After 4 months of having no webspace, Jordan has found the answer, it seems! Jordan has signed Strango Labs up with 10 website hosts on a quest to find more webspace to keep this great site growing! Our current host, Tripod, is absolutely evil, so we will be moving our site to get more than their lousy 21 meg hosting space! Also note, our sub-host, crosswinds.net, which offered unlimited space, seems to enjoy deleting our pages after we haven't logged in for some secret amount of time! Because of this, all of Jordan's games have been deleted (SHIT!) and they will take some time to fix, since the games are all located on Jordan's no-longer-used computer. We apologize for the lack of updates and the lack of games, fans; sadly, Jordan hasn't had much time to work on Strango Labs, because he is currently juggling a job with school and a rampant obsession with guitars... but no worries, WE WILL FIND A WAY!!!

12-18-02 OVER 2000 VISITORS! Tell your friends, tell your cat, 'cause Strango Labs is where it's at! Happy 2000 everyone, we'll try to think of some new stuff to add to this already oh-so-fabulous site in the next few days. Things we're planning: More pages to piss Luke off, more internet conversations, more cartoons, a new Strango sounds and music site, a Strango store (wow can you believe it?), polls, an AIM page, and even a new Strango Brother! We've already begun on most of this; our only setback is the lack of space on tripod- we only have a megabyte or so left. =( Expect many great things soon, fans, we shall find a way!

11-23-02 PICS PAGE! We now have a page dedicated to pictures of the Strango Brothers, our viewers (that means you) and our old Pics of the Week! For your convenience, this page is located on the sidedish (the window to the left of this window). Enjoy!

11-20-02 Yet another domain name crisis. As soon as we put the name of our new website address on the menu bar, the site owners cancelled our membership. Free domain names aren't good. Never fear, fans, soon we will re-register WWW.STRANGO.TK as our site address. Please visit us once a week or so, to ensure that our site is not deleted for lack of hits again.

9-9-02 Turok Evolution Game Review. See what Spence and Jordan thought after playing this new game. Oh Lordy, Lordy.

8-13-02 STRANGO LABS BLASTS INTO THE FUTURE WITH ITS FIRST FLASH MOVIE!!! HIGH TECH! HIGH TECH! This hilarious video took hours of thought, created by Jordan with story by the combined efforts of Spencer, Jordan, and S.D.R.. Ready to laugh? CLICK HERE TO WATCH! (Be warned of mild adult language.)

8-8-02 Oops... we had forgotten to put a link to Jordan's language. It's there now, go to PEC for it.

8-7-02 THE STRANGO BRO'S HOLISTIC ADVENTURE JOURNAL UPDATED! It's better than ever with new images, a brand new year of journal entries with an explanation, and all broken links fixed. Check back fequently through August as the summer projects come to a close.

8-6-02 NEW GAMES! Jordan has finally released Know Your Nonsense and has created a brand new game, Prappa the Percussionist 3

7-19-02 Jordan's games and files have been restored, but Spence is still working. Although we have worked hard to free up web space, we are still struggling to stay within Tripod's new LOW standard. 20 megabites isn't much space, espescially for a site as big as Strango Labs.

June: TRIPOD CRISIS! It seems tripod has deleted several of our websites without informing us. We discovered this and also that Tripod has lowered its web space from 50 to 20 megabites. They also failed to inform us of this, and we had already used over 30 megabites when they lowered the allotted space. Tripod would not allow us to update nor upload anything until we had freed enough space for their new standards. So, we have moved all our games and many pages to a new host, one that has no limit on free space. The links to our games are down, as well as a few others; please be patient as we move files and update our links. We apologize for the inconvenience!

5-25-02 1. Jordan and Spence have just released their zany new version of the Cheers theme song. Hear it now.
2. Jordan's Cubicle page has been updated with a new story. See Candly Breakfast Soup on his page for all the old stories.

5-10-02 Epileptic Seizure cat now has a new addition, Tommy. Click here or go to PEC.

4-6-02 The service that allowed us to make polls such as The Ultimate Vapmire Test, which was on our intro page, has been discontinued (growl). We must now find a new and better way to make polls.

There's a revolutionary new game by Spence. Never before has there been a more revolutionary game. It's just plain… revolutionary. Why is it so revolutionary, you ask? Because, my friends, this is the first game with but a single dimension. Please download his sad little 1D game.

NOOOO!!! THEY TOOK STRANGOLABS.COM AWAY FROM US! We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, we had no idea it would be temporary. You can still visit our site at its old location, ognarts.tripod.com (We will still continue to update it), or at our new domain, www.strango.tk.

Finally! Jordan has finished a giant report on what he is calling "Clown Psychology". He's interviewed people with their opinions on clowns... lots of laughs! Read it NOW

Well blow me down, Spence's just started Year II of his four part Mania behind the Madness book. This section has pictures thanks to modern Springboard technology.

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