Welcome to The Strango Brothers' Laboratory, viewers and lifeless surfers. "Strango Labs" is a huge website created for the sole purpose of entertainment on the web. Strango Labs is packed with games, stories, images, and much more. You'll never be able to see everything! To help you with surfing Strango Labs, you can find the following (and more) in these locations:

STRANGO MENU (made for fast, easy surfing)

LASER HALL- main page with pics, quotes, news, and links to all the other pages.
NEWS PAGE- a page with descriptions of previous updates you might have missed.
"ROOMS"- each member of Strango Labs, or "Strango Brother", has their own room, or page. On these pages you can find games, sounds, animations, comics, etc. made by only that individual .
PEC (Projects, Experiments, and just plain Crap)- here you find a compilation of most of the items found in the Strango Brother's rooms, as well as even more games, stories, animations, LAUNGUAGES, and comics not found in any room !
LINKS- links to other amusing websites.
FANS- our fans' and friends' webpages.

MENU BAR (just an extra indulgence)
LOCATION- zoom back to the laser hall and the Strango Menu
CONTACT- email the Strango Brothers with any ideas, comments, or questions
LANGUAGE- pages made for people who don't speak english and therefor have no way to find this page. (Spencer's idea.) It is never updated.
HELP- If you're still confused after this, go to the Help menu.

That should be it, we hope you enjoy our site!
Luke, Jordan, and Spence Strango
All media (C) Strango Labs

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