Princess Potato Crunchy Milligram Balloons
Our mission statement and overall goal ^
Last uprising: August 7th 2002
Now we shall dance:



This is our Journal in which we log daily stupidity, nonsense, saving/ taking over the world, and alterations to school life. Some of our topics include invisibility, bothering Luke, vampires, bothering Luke, and putting stuff in Luke's locker.


We are engaged in a nonexistent world totally oblivious to what goes on around us (i.e.: people saying how weird or stupid we are). Our school has become something of humor-- a place to screw around and make believe (you know, like on Muppet Babies). Please keep in mind to take this as seriously as possible. This is no laughing matter. Dance.

The original game came about when we discovered Luke was a vampire. It was a bit disturbing, but this is how we laid it down:



Invisibilty: How-To

Barriers: How-To

Luke's Arsenal of Vampire Crap

Artist's Rendition of a Bat Vampire

Waffle Boy

Artist's Rendition of a Paper-Eating Elf

The Master Vampire

Finding Signs of Luke's Rampage

Luke's Evil Reign of Terror

To Be Continued...